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NBA Finals: Game 1

NBA……..Where the Finals happen a round too early


Finally, after a disappointing playoffs thus far, we get to the good stuff. Lakers vs. Spurs… Pop vs. Zen Master!! I’m excited about this series I tells ya, and here’s why


KOBE vs. Kobe


The best player in the league on his path to triumph has one more task ahead of him, the most annoying defender in the league; Bruce “kicks” Bowen. And behind him, fish out of water Oberto, Ginobli,  and “tough guy” Kurt Thomas. Can Kobe handle it? With all the pressure on him, since this is evidently his best team ever, Will he deliver without Shaq? We shall see.


Phil Jackson vs. Greg Popovich


This is reason, I believe this is the NBA Finals. All things equal (Talent, Chemistry etc.) both western coaches are far superior to their eastern counterparts. I can only imagine Doc somehow messing up his rotation further (Maybe benching Rondo for Sammy, since he’s struggling). And Flip hasn’t messed up badly yet, which is scary considering his history (Lebron 4th quarter). We saw Pops adjust to Chris Paul finally in game 7, leaving the COY relying on Pargo to keep the season alive. Both coaches with adjust throughout this series accordingly, but here are some series questions going into game 1.


Will Pop guard Kobe, 1 on 1?

How will Phil guard Duncan?

Will Pop leave the Pooh God in the Starting Lineup (Im Guessing Yes)

Who Will Guard Manu?

Will Phil leave Radman’s Corspe in the Starting Lineup? Or Will he put Ronny to guard Duncan?


Exciting Times…