The First Meeting

Eddy Curry Walks into Mike D’antoni’s New office, for his off season interview with his new coach, and Donnie Walsh………….. 

MD – Hello Eddy, how are you?

EC – I’m ok, who are you?

MD – I’m Mike D’antoni, and this is Mr. Walsh behind me

DW – Hello Edward

EC – Wait a second, aren’t you the head coach of the Phoenix Suns?

MD – Yes, I was Eddy

EC – Aren’t you guys still in the playoffs?

MD – No Eddy, we were kicked out by the Spurs in the First Round, aren’t you watching the playoffs?

EC – No, I’m not a fan
DW – Not a fan Edward?
EC- Yeah, hey wait a minute, Where’s Isiah?

MD – Isiah… You see, Isiah is no longer with us Eddy

EC – He’s Dead? OMG Isiah is dead!!! But how?!!!! We were just chill’n at the cheesecake factory a couple days ago…………..

MD – He’s not dead Eddy, he’s just no longer the head coach of New York Knicks

DW – New York City Knickerbockers, Michael

MD- Huh?

DW – This team is called the New York City Knickerbockers Michael

MD – Yeah that’s what I meant. Anyway I thought, the Knickerbockers banned Isiah from talking to you guys?

EC – He was banned from talking to us, we can still talk to him, Michael. Duh!

MD – Oh I See…

EC – Wait, so Isiah Was Fired?

MD – Not exactly Eddy, see Isiah…

EC – Did he quit? I know he didn’t quit, Isiah would never quit on us, he loves this team, He’s not a quitter, he’s a champion among men.

DW – He didn’t quit either Edward

EC – So where is he?

MD – He’s in Italy Eddy

EC – So he did it?

DW – Did what Edward?

EC – Him and Marbury were talking about playing professionally in Italy someday

MD – Really?

EC – Yeah they were gonna create the first dual combo guard backcourt, Isiah never believed in a point guard, he felt they just got in the way.

MD – Got in the way of what?

EC – Shooting Mike, point guards pass, basketball players shoot.

MD – That’s Ridiculous

EC – You’re Ridiculous

To Be Continued…










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